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Hector Family 2022
Sugarhill Photo Studio in Longmont, CO

Oh my goodnesssssss! I love photographing the Hectors every year and seeing these kiddos grow! 

This was one of the first photoshoots I did after my mom died and I knew that I had to honor one of my favorite photos she took of me and my siblings. The first photo below taken of the children lying down with their heads next to each other is a replica of the same photo my mom took of me and my siblings. 

...And those dancing photos are so fabulous! Any dancers out there needing some photos?

A word about Sugarhill - it is very accessible. There are no steps to get into it and the floor is concrete for ease of mobility. They always host incredible sets, so I'm willing to go here anytime a client wants some photos here. I've taken family photos, headshots, self-portraits, and boudoir here - the space is so versatile! 

Wondering what portrait package this would be? It's a wonderful example of Package #3 that is custom-made for families. 

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