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About Me

Hi, I'm Taylor! I'm a natural light photographer based out of Longmont, CO. My journey as a photographer began when I was a child and couldn't get enough of taking photos with my Polaroid camera (I mean, who doesn't LOVE a good Polaroid pic?!).

Why is my tagline "Honoring Stories and Preserving Memories"?


My late mom taught me the power, beauty, and love of photography. While she wasn't a professional photographer with a fancy camera, my mom was always taking TONS of photos to make sure that our memories were preserved. Now that she is gone, I am forever grateful for all those photographs I now have. I also took the last "best" photo of her and the last photo of her ever. Our photographs carry some of the most important pieces of our lives and hold our memories so they are always with us.

Can I share a not-so-secret "secret"?

 My primary job is as a mental health therapist who works with children and youth. Photography is my hobby-turned-side-gig. That is one of the reasons that I am able to make my photography as affordable as possible for my clients.

My Team.

Technically, my doggos do not have those titles listed below, but they are a part of the team in spirit. I really just wanted an excuse to have you meet them. 

Did you know that you can totally include your pets in your sessions?! Be sure to check out my portfolio page if you're interested in getting your pets photographed.

“Omg Taylor these are so incredible.  You are so talented! H and I have been looking at them for the last couple of hours just amazed at how good they all are! You are ten times better than our wedding photographer! We are going to print some for our house too."
"I am obsessed!"
"Thank you so much for taking our family photos this year! You always do such a fantastic job."

I'm the right photographer for you if...

  • You care about diversity, inclusion, and accessibility

  • You can't seem to take a set of photos without sticking your tongue out (guilty as charged!)

  • You love pets and want them to be a part of your photoshoot

  • You like silliness and prefer if a photographer gives you an action to take - like twirling your partner - rather than a stiff pose

  • You love beautiful Colorado and wouldn't mind a session that also showcases the mountains!



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Longmont, Colorado


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