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Glory's Milestone + Easter Mini
Little White Photo Studio - Frederick, CO

Is it just me or are these pictures of Glory like THE BEST EVER!!!! I think I say that about any baby that's in a photo, but these photos are seriously some of my faves I've ever taken. Glory is a very smiley baby who enjoyed all the Easter eggs I hid in the room. This little girl was about to turn one and I couldn't be more happy to have celebrated with her with some cupcakes!

Bonus: See below for a second little gallery of all the adorable children in this family for the full Easter mini session we had. Such a blast! 

Accessibility: Little White Photo Studio is a wonderful little photography studio in Frederick, CO! It is aptly named, as the space is small but mighty. There is a ramp in the back for wheelchair accessibility and out front is one or two steps to get into the main door. The bathroom is easily accessible as well. Due to the size of the space, I would recommend families of 4-5 or smaller here. 

There is no light quite like studio lighting! So if you want to make sure that your photos have the best lighting year-round, a photo studio is the way to go! These photos were taken with an Easter set, so there are some Easter items in the background. 

Wondering what portrait package this was? This is an example of Portrait Package #1 that is custom made for headshots and holiday minis like this one. A holiday mini is where I have 20-25 minute sessions at a studio set for a holiday (like Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Mother's Day, and more).

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