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J + H
Purple Park, Superior

The sparks were flying the day we got these photos! GOODNESS was I excited to photograph these two for their adoption portfolio. Julie is a badass dance instructor and owner of her own dance studio in Superior, CO. Be sure to check out Denver Dance Authority if you want an amazing dance program for yourself or your children. 


Back to the photos - we took some outside their home to showcase it for the adoption portfolio and many at this cute little park nearby.  

This is the PERFECT example of photos where I gave silly instructions to get heartfelt, real images of couples! I couldn't decide which photos to use, so this gallery is a bit longer than my other examples. Enjoy!

Accessibility: Most of these photos were taken at Purple Park and on a paved trail or on trimmed grass.

Wondering what portrait package this was? This is an example of Portrait Package #2 that is custom made for seniors, small families, and pet portraits.

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